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c2o has been shut down

After over 16 years providing hosting and ICT services to civil society in the Asia Pacific region, c2o has been shutdown. Our hosting service has been outsourced and our clients & staff rolled back into our parent company, apc.au. This web site is being maintained as a tribute to c2o's history & achievements.

Community Communications Online



Community Communications Online (c2o) is the Internet hosting and technical development arm of apc.au Ltd. Due to increased running costs and maintenance requirements the apc.au Ltd Board has decided to decommission c2o hosting and its servers. apc.au will continue to...

APC Council Meeting

At the recent 10th Council Meeting (8-10 November, Rio de Janeiro) of the APC a new Executive Board was elected. apc.au's in for the next three years. The Council Meeting also saw members devise a new set of program activities...

Equitable Access

Rio de Janeiro -- APC hosts a one day event on equitable access to ICT infrastructure in Rio de Janeiro. Universal access, freedom of expression and invoking the accountability of states are not possible without affordable, equitable access to communications...
Community Communications Online (c2o) was an initiative of APC.au.
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